The First Real Life Date


First Date Jitters

Using a dating application, communicating with a person online, and getting to know them first might seem a good way to eliminate the first date jitters. It is unfortunate that many people fail to recognize that meeting in person for the first time can still be a trial. The electronic universe is neither magical nor is it perfect. Profiles can be misleading, photos can be retouched, and a person might sound a lot nicer than they are in the real world. Meeting a potential partner for the first time should take all these factors into account.

Selecting a public venue is generally recommended for safety reasons, and it should be part of the plan for both partners. Remembering that people tend to put their best photos, information, and effort into electronic communication should also be remembered. That first date may show up having a bad hair day, the public venue might offer bad food and beverage service, and the weather could also turn out to be a difficult factor. There is nothing wrong with being nervous, so the couple should try to relax and not be concerned about being as perfect in person as they are online.